Strange Sounds Worldwide explained and identified



4 responses to “Strange Sounds Worldwide explained and identified

  1. You may not have realized…but this video is Islamic in that in the end, it quotes verses from the quran to follow Allah…. didn’t know if you noticed that. I know you are a Christian…. so unsure if you wanted to promote Islam/Allah/Muhammad.

    • no sister l do not want to promote.Islam/Allah/Muhammad lam a true follower of Christ l let the world know who there are that why the webpage is call the Great Tribulation is Coming

      God Bless you Sister in Christ

      • LOL! I know for certain you are… but I did not know if you knew this video here is a video that promotes ISLAM. If you watch it until the end, it is about Allah and Muhammed. I thought I would let you know. I figured maybe you did not see this in the video when u watched it. God bless you. 😉

      • at the long run thank you to let me know l just watch it in the middle l said l will watch it later but like l said lam a truly follower
        of Christ l will not change the real doctrine for nothing at all

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