Joyce Meyer – Shocking False Teachings and Quotes


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Joyce Meyer – Shocking False Teachings and Quotes.




12 responses to “Joyce Meyer – Shocking False Teachings and Quotes

  1. I can find something on the internet about every minister there is. Satan hates the workers of God, and people have ways of falsifying and dubbing things people say to make it sound like they said something they didn’t. Don’t buy into all of the heresy being spoken about God’s Ministers. There is stuff on Billy Graham, Perry Stone, Kenneth Hagin, Kenneth Copeland, everyone. Some of it’s twisted and bent and some of it’s altogether fabricated. You have to be very careful of this. These people have led thousands of sous to Christ Jesus. I would earnestly pray before you post something about a minister of God… that’s why I won’t do that. What if it is wrong? If it is wrong, then we are partaking in a wicked scheme of the devil designed to counteract the work these people have done for God’s glory. God bless you.

    • sister one thing l have to say is that lam a preacher a truly preacher who seek the word of God l preach what the Bible tells me what is wrong a whats is Right and l listen very carefully to what they preach listen very carefully we are in the last days Jesus Didn’t come asking for Money to save you he paid the price for us just listen very carefully to this preacher

  2. Circulating things like this, which 9 times out of 10 are not completely correct, only causes division in the Body of Christ and might cause those who have been led to Christ through them to lose their faith. Even if there were some truth to any of it…unless Joyce Meyer or anyone else has been tried in a court of law or has come forth and said they are doing this, the Bible says NOT to gossip.

      • I’m just warning you in advance that I’m not angry or anything like that since it’s easy for people to sound like that in writing. So don’t take me that way, please. What I will say, is just because we don’t agree with someone’s teaching isn’t a reason to blast them. Just trust me on this one..there are people out there who are pro at manipulating voice/video recordings to make it sound and look like a person is doing and saying something they are not. The world is always attacking ministers because Satan hates them..they’re leading people to Christ. Granted, there are some who have messed up and paid the price dearly…but the enemy makes us remember that in our minds, and when we see things like this, we lose faith (not you and I personally, but people in general). Because of all the wonderful things these people do and have done to bless the Kingdom of God… well, let’s just play the devil’s advocate and say that she is guilty. Are we not spreading doubt and unbelief, possibly causing some to turn away from the truth by spreading it around? And we will be responsible for our part in this by spreading things like this around to people. Is it worth someone turning away from the faith who might see this post here because Joyce Meyer brought them to Christ? And then they lose hope and faith altogether? That’s what I am trying to say.

      • you are Right sister people can make video but lam a deep reader and l listen very carefully and l write everything as a preacher l do not judge no one at all but l have to preacher the way is listen to that link and tell me what you heard

      • It’s okay…we can agree to I said..I’m not mad or thinking less of you. We are still in a body of flesh, and as long as we are in a body of flesh, we will never be perfect in everything. I would be too afraid at the repricussions of posting something like that. I read a lot too and research everything..and being an imperfect human being, I would be scared to be wrong and spread heresy and false things about someone unless that person admitted it or I knew them. I do not totally trust you tube videos, or everything I hear in the secular media…. I would be scared if I caused even one person to stumble and fall by posting such a thing, what the outcome would be. Unless you know something one hundred percent, no matter what you feel you have read, researched, or heard from God, unless Jesus came down and showed you the holes in His hands, I would never, ever post such a thing about a sister or brother in Christ. The world is evil, and Satan can appear as an angel of light. Just be warned. God bless you! I have to schedule some posts and hit the sack. Goodnight!

      • God Bless you sister and it not making nobody fall from the grace of God it will look bad on my record before God if l tell a false story about my Brothers and Sister and lam Sorry if l had Publish something wrong sister God Bless you

      • I haven’t made it to bed yet..I am ALMOST done editing the first book so I can send to Thomas Nelson, Westbow press…thank God! LOL No need for an apology..I was just sharing my feelings…that’s why we have the good ol’ comments area! 😉 I don’t judge you for it or look down on you, it’s just my ‘opinion’…God is the ultimate judge, not lil’ ol’ Lyn Leahz…a peon in the world compared to God.. God bless u!

    • sister one thing is that if you listen to all the message very carefully you will see with your Eyes. what happen is when you seek the word of God and read and ask The Holy Spirit To Lead you he will show you

  3. And by the way, I’m not a Joyce Meyer fan per se. I have no problem with her, and have listened to many of her teachings as well as read several of her books, which I found very helpful and godly. Nothing unusual or off track from the Word. However, she is not one that I regularly watch, read or follow. I have a few others who are my favorites. But let it be known, I’m not a big time follower of her. So my comments only come from the perspective of what I’ve written here..not some great liking or special bond in my heart toward a particular person. Sometimes, it is those things that can be misleading and keep one from seeing the truth..if it happens to be someone a person really follows and respects. I am not a follower of her in particular, so my feelings and thoughts only come from a biblical perspective, not a Joyce Meyer fan perspective.

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